About Us

Anurakti Universes Pvt. Ltd.   is an AeroSpace & Defence company incorporated in 2010 in New Delhi, India offering various Products & Services to the Aviation sector since 2007.

About Anurakti Universes! We are primarily a team of highly experienced professionals with decades of experience in the Aviation, Insurance, Finance and Information Technology industry. We have been operating in the Aviation and Insurance Domain since 2007-2008 and in the Information Technology Domain since 2006 providing various niche products & premium consulting services to customers worldwide.

Our Aim

"To help Customers successfully Connect & qualitatively Execute their business requirements with a Peace of Mind to be able to focus, innovate & excel in their areas of expertise."

Our Mission

"To evolve as a premium quality eco-system offering Connection & Execution opportunities to the Consumers, Producers & Service Providers of various Products & Services in the Aviation, Aerospace & Defence industry."

Our Vision

"To help humanity overcome the challenges in unraveling the mysteries of the God, its Creations, the Universe and thus be able to move, fly, travel, inhabit etc. the Universes, etc.."

Our Strategy

"To move along the value chain targeting the Aviation, AeroSpace and Defence sectors with the ultimate aim of exploring the Universe(s) Domain."

The Keyword Universes implicitly refers to the Earth, Moon, Sun, Planets, Solar System, Milky Way, Stars, Black Holes, Galaxies, Cosmos, Extraterrestrial, Dark Matter, God Particle, and Beyond, UFOs, Aliens, the Causal, etc..