Consultancy at Anurakti Universes

Anurakti Universes is an AeroSpace & Defence company offering its niche Products - including an Aerospace Portal and its premium PICER services for various HIFIA business requirements of Customer's worldwide.

We offer our premium Portfolio Management - Information - Consultancy - Execution - Reporting ( PICER ) services to various Professionals - Owners - Manufacturers - Operators - Service Providers ( POMOS ) users including Customers and Partners in the Aviation, Aerospace & Defence sectors having business requirements in Human Resources - Insurance - Finance - Information Technology - Asset Management ( HIFIA ) domains for their Aviation, Aerospace & Defence products/assets like Aircrafts, Helocopters, UAVs, Satellites, Simulators, etc. as well as any associated Human Resources like Pilots, Crew Members, Ground Handling Staff, Engineers, etc..

Our AeroSpace portal allows Users including Customers & Partners, scaling in size from Individuals to Businesses, Private as well as Public Sector Companies from across the globe

Customer Benefits
  • Increased Productivity;
  • Reduction in Costs;
  • Increased Revenue generation opportunities;
  • Increased Usability; and
  • Greater Control;

leading to overall increased PROFITS and extended Market opportunities.

Our Business Model for various Users across the globe includes using varying Delivery Models - working in Collaboration - Offshore - Onsite - Mixed Mode as well as using flexible Pricing Models on Turnkey - Fixed Price - Time & Material basis as per the User’s requirements.

Please feel free to browse our website to know more about our Products and Service offerings, and/or refer to our Brochure and/or get in touch with us directly for further details.