Our Clientele / Partners

Our Clientele covers a wide spectrum of Aviation & Aerospace Manufacturers, Operators, Service Providers, Professionals as well as the actual Asset Owners. These POMOS users scale in size from Individuals to Businesses, Private as well Public Sector Companies from across the globe including Canada, East Asia, India, UK, USA and West Asia and can be broadly categorized into

PICER Services @ Anurakti Universes

Professionals - like Pilots, Crew Members, Insurance Professionals, Medical Officers, Consultants, Freelancers, etc.

Owners - like Individuals, Businessess, Public Sector, Governments, etc.

Manufacturers - of Aircrafts, Helicopters, UAVs, Satellites, Simulators, Rockets, Spares, Accessories, Avionics, etc.

Operators - like Scheduled Operators, Non-Scheduled Operators, Charter Operators, General Aviation, Training Academies, AERIALs, Ferry Operators etc.

Service Providers - like Airports, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Logistics, including Operational service providers like Ground Handling, Air Navigation, Hangar, MROs, Regulatory, etc.

We are also open to working in collaboration as well as exploring new partnership opportunities with various Customers and Partners in the Aviation & Aerospace Industry to offer the Best of Products & Services.

For further details please feel free to get in touch with us.